Sunday, February 6, 2011


            It was my holiday time. Pappa had booked an old palace to spend our holiday time. I was so excited. I felt really amazed when I saw that beautiful palace. I asked to my eyes, “Is this true my dear eyes?”
            I ran towards the palace. I just wanted to see the name of the palace written on a board near the gate. It was covered with the leaves of an itchy plant. I took a piece of stick and moved the leaves. ‘THE SPOOK PALACE’. I really laughed by reading that name.
            While I was sleeping at night, I heard my mamma calling me “Cuckoo.” I know that mamma never calls me ‘cuckoo’, she always calls me ‘chelu’. So I thought that pappa may be mimicking mamma to trick me. I told, “pappa, don’t try to trick me” and turned. I saw a white frock..... I was so scared that there is nobody in it, but it looked like a girl wearing it. It had earrings, necklace, bangles, gloves, shoes, socks, etc. I screamed at my top voice. Mamma ran and came to my room. Suddenly it vanished.
 “What happened to you? Why did you scream?”
“Nothing mamma, nothing.”
My heart was breaking off and I was shivering like anything. Mamma touched on my forehead to check my temperature.
“Oh! You have high temperature! You lie down here; I’ll prepare medicinal tea for you.”
“I’m scared mamma. Please don’t let me alone. I’ll sit with pappa.”
“But pappa has gone somewhere outside. Ok, you come with me to the kitchen.”
            I held her dress and moved with her to the kitchen. She prepared and gave me the tea. But when I looked into the glass, it was full of blood. I fainted and fell down. Mamma sprinkled some water on my face and took me to the bedroom. The whole night I had high fever. Pappa and mamma could not sleep that night. I kept on requesting them to leave the palace.
Pappa decided to go to my uncle’s house to spend the remaining holidays. Early morning, we started from there. When the car was passing the gate, I just looked back. I saw a very pretty girl with that white frock standing on the steps. She gave me a cute smile, waved her hands and vanished. I hugged my mamma and sat peacefully in the car.
Yesterday our English teacher gave us a topic 'A Haunted House' and asked us to write something about it. This is what I wrote.


faisu madeena said...

ഇത് വായിച്ചിട്ട് ടീച്ചര്‍ എന്ത് പറഞ്ഞു ....?


nannaayittundu, very gud ennu paranju

ismail chemmad said...

hai, cuckoo.....
very good

Anonymous said...

very good

ajith said...

Very good imagination