Sunday, December 19, 2010


I wore my space suit earlier. My pappa and mamma were getting ready. Although I was excited, I was little scared too. My pappa entered into the cockpit of the spaceship. I sat near my mamma and fastened the seat belt.
3....2....1......Start..... I hold my mamma tightly.

Within seconds, my fear flew away. I experienced a great excitement.

After some time, we arrived on the moon. I was really puzzled by the sight of the moon. When I look from the Earth, it is so cute and soft. But, actually, there were full of rocks and craters. We felt weightless. The Earth was like a picture while watching from there.

I saw some foot prints there. But I could not recognize the foot print of Neil Armstrong. Anyway I wrote my name there. Those who visit moon can see my name there in future. We took some photos also. I collected some pieces of rocks to show my friends.

While returning to the Earth, the space ship's speed increased suddenly. My pappa contacted the control room and they helped us to return to the normal speed. We arrived back safely.

Even if I'm happy and excited in my uncle moon's house, I cannot stay without my mother Earth.

*Inspired by the story of Neil Armstrong.


faisu madeena said...

I cannot stay without my mother Earth....